Traveling across borders in search of improved health and well-being is not a recent trend. Starting in a past century, individuals with means from less developed areas sought medical treatment in advanced medical centers.  This pattern shifted in more recent decades due to advancements in communication and transportation, where people from more developed areas began seeking medical services in less developed regions. Today, estimates of the size of this industry vary widely, but it is valued at a substantial amount. Despite this significant market size and growth, as well as an increasing number of locations promoting themselves as destinations for this type of travel, there is a lack of specific and reliable measurement tools.

A new type of performance measure has been created to assess the attractiveness of various locations for this specific type of travel.

The development of this measure was a collaborative process involving multiple steps.  A rigorous methodology was used to develop this comprehensive tool. It considers multiple factors, including those related to the location, the industry, and individual facilities.  It is the first tool of its kind to help locations, policymakers, industry professionals, and relevant groups assess their position in this specific travel market.

This tool is a global reference point on the appeal of various locations for this particular travel niche. It rates and analyzes the status of a location as a destination for this purpose, including how it is positioned and how to enhance its appeal. This tool will initially be published with information on a set number of locations and considers a variety of criteria. It is based on survey data. An additional data feature allows users to compare this tool's values to other factors to uncover new insights.

This tool helps various stakeholders:
Governments: To benchmark and identify strategies to improve their location's position within this industry. It informs investment decisions, positioning, and overall efforts related to this travel niche.
Service providers: To identify the most attractive destinations for different consumer groups.
Travel industry: To understand the current positioning of locations as destinations within this market. It helps identify the most suitable destinations and provides valuable information to businesses to allow them to adapt their products and services.
Medical facilities: To help them position their facility in the current environment and identify areas for improvement.
Researchers: To analyze the complex dynamics of this travel niche. - หมวดหมู่ สุขภาพ